Accounting & Finance

Course introduction

The BSc Accounting and Finance programme is primarily designed for students who are interested in following a career in accountancy or in obtaining professional accounting qualifications at the start of their business career. Students will gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting and finance and learn to understand management concepts within an international business context.

This programme goes beyond the theoretical and quantitative techniques fundamental to accounting and finance. It draws from various disciplines, such as statistics, economics, law and information technology in order to gain a truly solid understanding of the field. With a generalist business and management core, this degree will not just allow you to pursue careers in accounting and finance but in relevant managerial fields as well.

Students will develop a set of transferable skills, such as problem solving and advanced analytical thinking, to support them in their professional journey. Students will learn how to work effectively individually and in teams to become confident communicators both written and verbally in order to ensure they can communicate and liaise effectively in a business environment.

Students who study this programme will gain exemptions from the ACCA qualification as follows: Papers F1 – F4, Paper F5, Paper F6, Paper F7, Paper F8

Top 5 Reasons To Study Accounting and Finance:
- Acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and master the computational and calculation skills demanded by the financial industry

- Gain exemptions from some of the professional accounting examinations, accelerating your progress towards gaining qualifications which are recognised and essential for working in accountancy and finance

- Specialise in a number of courses including financial accounting, managerial accounting, applied accounting, financial reporting, taxation and auditing

- Benefit from the opportunity to gain practical work experience specific to accounting and finance organisations, through an internship – essential criteria many recruiters look for in candidates

- Learn a variety of transferable business skills such as problem solving, perform data analysis, IT and written and oral communication – essential criteria for employers

Career Paths
World Bank, Credit Suisse, Greenpeace USA, Stonewall, The United Nations Children’s Fund, BBC, Bloomberg L.P, PwC, NBC News, Christies, Al Jazeera

Course modules

We offer 4-year Liberal Arts and Business BA degrees. Students entering with A levels or other level 3 qualifications usually gain exemptions from courses in the Richmond Core Curriculum which can mean that you should be able to complete your degree in less than four academic years. The interdisciplinary Liberal Arts approach offers not just breadth but also depth of study and encourages students to make sounds judgments and think independently. A Liberal Arts education is one which encourages you to explore a wide range of subjects and programmes. It reaches across disciplines, building connections between different academic areas such as literature, science, mathematics, writing, business and psychology. Upon entry to Richmond University all students study the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum before specialising in their chosen field.

BS Accounting and Finance modules:

Year 1 core modules: Foundations of Business, Transitions I, Research & Writing I, Scientific Reasoning, Functions and Applications, Transitions II, Creative Expression

Year 2 core modules: Financial Accounting, Introduction to Microeconomics, Probability & Statistics I, Research and Writing II, Managerial Accounting, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Computer Applications in Management, Calculus with Applications

Year 3 core modules: Advanced Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Legal and Ethical Concepts in Management, Advanced Financial Accounting, Fundamental Analysis, Principles of Investment

Year 4 core modules: Taxation, Financial Reporting, money and Banking, Financial Institutions and Markets, Audit and Assurance

Elective modules available in all years.

Start date


Tuitions and fees

Duration & Attendance Qualification Tuition fees Fee type
4 Years - full-time Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9250 Home Fees
4 Years - full-time Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £9250 European Fees
4 Years - full-time Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons) £14750 Overseas Fees